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  • 22 Apr

    Clarification letter

    Clarification letter  Recently, we discovered that someone had forged our seals to sign documents.Forged seal as follows:    OASIS OIL TOOLS CO.,LTD declares that First,

  • 17 Nov

    Welcome to visit us at ADIPC

    Welcome to visit us at Abu Dhabi Inernational Petroleum Exhibition & Conference(ADIPEC) 15-18 November 2021.Looking forward to see you again.

  • 22 Feb

    Our great motherland is severely suffering from coronavirus

    Our great motherland is severely suffering from coronavirus. Our company has resumed work to and ready to create miracles together.

  • 12 May

    Application of well filter pipe

    The well filter pipe, is also called well screens. From its name, we may think that the main function is to filter water. In fact, the well filter also has other functions and characteristics.

  • 22 Mar

    China Eastern Boeing737-800 with 132 people onboard crashed

    A China Eastern Boeing737-800 with 132 people onboard crashed in Southern China's Guangxi region.  A rescue ope

  • 19 Mar


    Nickel prices roughly doubled to unprecedented highs On March 7 and March 8. The London Metal Exchange suspended trading in nickel following the wild price action, in which three-month LME nickel cont

  • 01 Apr

    How to design a passive seawater intake screens?

        Usually seawater intake problems and corrosion are the two primary causes in desalination plants. The water intake systems' design appears simple, but problems often develop in

  • 12 May

    How to choose wedge wire screen?

    OASIS finished two projects from the Sudan in last month, the wedge wire screen with galvanized, also called galvanized wedge wire screen.