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Sintered mesh filter cartridges is a new type of filtration material with high mechanical strength, which is made of multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh after special lamination and sintering by vacuum. The sintered wire mesh filter element is produced by the filter with interlocking mesh holes of each layer, thus forming a uniform and ideal filtration structure which makes the material have advantages that cannot be matched by ordinary metal wire mesh, such as high strength, good rigidity and stable mesh shape. Due to the reasonable matching and design of the material's void size, permeation performance and strength characteristics, it has excellent filtration accuracy, filtration resistance, mechanical strength, wear resistance, heat resistance and processability, and its comprehensive performance is significantly better than other types of filtration materials.




Accuracy: 1-100μm


Size: outer diameter 14-800mm, length: 10-1200mm


Interface: standard interface (such as 222, 220, 226), threaded connection, flange connection, tie rod connection, special customized interface.


Applications: petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, construction materials, machinery, and other industries

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