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String Wound Filter Element is for deep filtration, which is used for filtering with low viscosity and impurity. It is made of textile fiber thread (polypropylene and absorbent cotton thread, etc.) and which is tightly wound around the porous skeleton (polypropylene or stainless steel) to form a honeycomb structure. It can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust and other impurities in the fluid and has excellent filtering characteristics.

String Wound Filter Element with good quality can be used for deep filtration. In the ideal condition, the Filter Element should become more and more dense from the outside to the inside. Therefore, when winding, the thickness of wire and tension should be controlled to change the density of filter material. The String Wound Filter Element with the honeycomb structure, namely, dense inside and sparse outside, can reach the effect of deep filter material. So it can effectively improve the filtering efficiency and intercept more contaminated particles. The filtration accuracy of filter material is determined by the thickness of wire and the winding density. The thinner wires can be closer, and pores are smaller, and the filter accuracy is higher. Similarly, the denser wire has the higher filtration accuracy. However, in the process of filtration, the filter material must be able to maintain its specific structure and pore size in order to provide stable filtration quality.



PP (Polypropylene): PP (Polypropylene) framework≤60; SS (Stainless Steel) framework≤80

Absorbent Cotton: SS (Stainless Steel) framework≤120

Filtration Accuracy: 1-80μm


OD (Outer Diameter): φ60mmφ65mm

ID (Inner Diameter): φ28mmφ30mm

Length: 10″20″30″40″can be customized


Interface connection: common flat mouth, 222 plug-in and 226 snap-in.



1. Food and beverage industry: mineral water, syrup, alcohol, edible oil, water for drinks, cola drinks, etc.

2. Electronic industry: pure water, printed circuit boards, electroplating, etc.

3. Petroleum and chemical industry: petrochemicals, cosmetics, paints, photosensitive liquid, ink, acrylic raw materials, photographic developing liquid, grease, etc.

4. Industrial oil: hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting oil and other industrial oils.

5. Pharmaceutical industry: syrup, alcohol, preparation water, VC raw materials, liquid medicine, soil liquid medicine, injection, etc.

6. Resin lens, bearing cleaning, laser cooling water, ultrasonic cleaning solution, electroplating solution, etc.

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